2017 Relay for Life

2017 Relay for Life

Main-Landers recently competed in the Relay for Life event in Farmington! This photo was taken to show off our team and our desire to help. Some faces were purposefully shaded for your protection.

One of our key staff has a son who survived a terrible bout of brain cancer. He still has his battles, but that’s him in the purple T. We’re so proud of his wins!

Want to win at Main-Land? We have openings for site civil engineers at most levels. Please call at 897-6752 for a job listing.

If you get an interview, be assured that we’ll put a bright light in your face so that ours will be obscured. It’s for your protection.

HR caveat. So, it turns out that sounded like a gestapo interrogation. We’ll send HR on a coffee run so they don’t see us do it.