Client Feedback Survey

Our goal at Main-Land is always to help you add value to your land: to understand it, develop it, and protect it. The land is yours and so are your goals for it. We want to help you win with your most valuable and precious physical asset — your land.

How did we do on your project?

Main-Land is always looking to improve our methods to help you better. Would you consider jotting us an email at If something went great and you loved our staff, would you let us know? If something did not go great, let us know that too so that we can learn and improve.

If you send us an email with your thoughts or take the online survey below, you will be eligible for a drawing to win a Main-Land growler! The survey can be anonymous, but if you want to be entered to win the drawing, you will need to leave your name. Otherwise, we will not know it is you.

Thank you for choosing Main-Land. We hope you enjoyed working with us as much as we did with you.

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