Environmental Mapping

Main-Land Development Consultants, Inc. provides environmental screening and delineation services for your land.  Our professional staff will determine if there is a sensitive environmental feature on your property, and if so, how far it extends.  Mortgage companies, local planning boards, and state and federal agencies may require a professional statement regarding environmental features, which can include:

  • Wetland delineations, functions and values analysis
  • Stream evaluations
  • Vernal Pool screenings
  • Sensitive or endangered wildlife species
  • Sensitive or endangered botanical species
  • Environmental Site Assessments, Phase 1 and Phase 2

Our professional staff will determine how these items may affect your goals for the property. Your concept plan may need to be altered. We can provide Alternative’s Analysis, and negotiate Mitigation/Compensation plans with review agencies. Our goal is to creatively assist you to achieve success within the boundaries of the applicable environmental regulations.

Our Site Evaluation Team:

Scott R. Dixon, P.E. #9236,
C.G. #435, L.S.E. #406             view bio   email

Eric R. T. Whitney, S.S. #610, L.S.E. #418