Geological & Hydrogeological Services

geological services

Main-Land Development Consultants, Inc. offers hydrogeological and geological services. Our experience includes:

  • Site Subsurface Characterization
  • Groundwater Availability and Pump Test Analysis
  • Borrow Pit Characterization and Permitting Support
  • Subsurface Wastewater Mounding and Nitrate Analysis
  • Water Quality Sampling
  • Environmental Site Assessments (Phase 1 and 2)
  • Rock Cut Stability Evaluation
  • Site Evaluation for Geothermal Closed Loop Borehole Design

Main-Land has the hydrogeological experience to locate your water supply well, analyze your septic system, and test your water quality. We can evaluate property for gravel borrow excavation and perform the testing and analysis needed to permit the pit with regulators. In short, Main-Land can help you with technical skills and experience related to the soil, rock, and water below the ground surface.

Our Geologist:

Scott R. Dixon, P.E. #9236,
C.G. #435, L.S.E. #406              view bio   email