Joseph Stevenson, L.P.F., L.S.E. ─ Director of Environmental Sciences

Joseph Stevenson

Environmental Sciences Department

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Joe Stevenson is a Maine native, having grown up on a strawberry farm in nearby Wayne. Joe joined Main-Land in 2016 as the Director of Environmental Science and coordinates the environmental group to help achieve a broad spectrum of objectives. Joe is a Licensed Professional Forester and Wetland Scientist, earning a degree from the University of Maine in 2007. His background as a Maine Forest Ranger, then as a Senior Operations Forester help him balance the dynamic operations of the Environmental group at Main-Land. Joe’s team are experts at Geoengineering, wetland delineation, vernal pool screening, soil science, septic site evaluations, forestry, and environmental site assessments.

Joe lives in Fayette with his beautiful wife and three daughters.