Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

Main-Land helps people bolster the economy and support our community by providing technical expertise and friendly, Main-Land service.

Vision Statement

We envision a strong economy and community with abounding opportunities supported by professional engineering, surveying, and environmental science solutions while fostering relationships and positive work culture, recognizing that our success can only be measured by the success of those we serve.

Company Values

Priorities:  “Our success can only be measured by the success of those we serve.” (Darryl Brown, Founder)

Possession: It’s not our project, it’s their project.

Service, Professionally: Because service always comes first.

Friendly Attitude: Smile

Integrity:  “Do to others as you would have them do to you,” (Luke 6:31) even when they won’t know.

Humility: The team win is more important than my win.

Responsiveness: 24 hour call back. Every. Single. Time.

Share the Profits: We win together. We lose together.

Community Service: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” (Mark 12:31)

Intentionally Inquisitive: Never stop learning. Evah.

Move to Improve: Excellence doesn’t happen by accident

Landowner Rights: Set to repel the charge.

Family: Work hard, go home.