Municipal Services

Main-Land Development Consultants, Inc. is ready to work with your Town to provide the technical services needed for new and existing infrastructure.  Our services include:

  • Road rehabilitation and design; road extensions
  • Utility rehabilitation and extensions, including water, sewer, stormwater, power, and communications.
  • Sewer pump station analysis and design
  • Sewer inflow and infiltration management plans
  • Sewer and Water line capacity analysis and design
  • Stormwater systems and Sewer-Separation projects
  • GIS mapping, including field GPS topography and mapping of utilities and infrastructure.
  • Preliminary Engineering Reports and Cost Analysis for funding applications.
  • Business and Industrial Parks
  • Engineering Services, including designing, construction documents, bidding, and construction administration.

Main-Land will work closely with Town Managers, Selectmen, Road Commissioners and Public Works departments to assess need, analyze existing facilities, and design new facilities where needed.  Main-Land can help obtain funding with field studies and engineer reports.  Main-Land can also present projects to Town and State authorities, including public hearings. Our ability to accomplish the surveying, design, construction layout, and permitting for your project in house means that we can facilitate a quick and efficient completion.

Our Municipal Services Team:

Robert L. Berry, III, P.E. #9254
Owner/President                                 view bio   email

Richard W. Dunton, P.E. #12485    view bio   email

Thomas R. Dubois, P.E. #7273        view bio   email

Esther K. Bizier, P.E. #14236            view bio   email