Main-Land Development Consultants, Inc. knows the typical permitting hurdles that any land development project will likely experience.  We understand that the regulatory permitting process can be one of the most challenging and demanding aspects of your project.  Our goal is to assist you through these obstacles to make the permitting process as stress free, efficient, and successful as possible.

There are three typical categories of permitting that may apply to your project, depending on project location and size: municipal permitting, state permitting, and federal permitting.

Municipal permitting is the regulatory process through a town. Planning Boards are usually involved, but some towns may require discussions with town planners, town engineers, Board of Selectmen, and Board of Appeals. Our services with the town can include:

  • Review of ordinances
  • Subdivisions
  • Site Plan Review
  • Shoreland Zoning
  • Flood-zone
  • Sign permit
  • Building permit
  • Application materials and drawings
  • Planning Board presentations
  • Public hearings and presentations
  • Working with Town Code Enforcement Officers
  • Coordination with town organizations, such as police, fire, and schools.

State permitting usually involves work with the Maine Department of Environmental Protection or Land Use Regulation Commission, but can also include the Maine Department of Transportation, the Maine Department of Health and Human Services, and others. Our services with the state can include:

  • Review of laws and guidelines
  • MDEP Permit-by-Rule
  • MDEP Stormwater Management Law
  • MDEP Natural Resource Protection Act
  • MDEP Site Location of Development
  • MDEP Gravel Pit Permit
  • MDOT Entrance Permit
  • MDOT Traffic Movement Permit
  • DHHS Engineered Septic Design Review
  • Application materials and drawings
  • Meetings and coordination with department analysts
  • Public hearings and presentations.

Federal permitting usually involves work with the United States Army Corp of Engineers, but can also include the Environmental Protection Agency, United States Fisheries and Wildlife, and others.

Our Permitting Team:

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