Main-Land Development Consultants, Inc. will work with you to develop your project to best suit your needs and best match your vision. Main-Land has professionals on staff to help you with your land development project planning, including:

  • Feasibility and Site Selection Studies
  • Residential and Commercial Subdivision Planning and Design
  • Commercial and Industrial Site Planning
  • Residential Developments
  • Recreational Developments
  • Municipal Developments

Main-Land knows that each site is different, and so are the regulations in each town. Market areas vary, and so will your project goals. Main-Land will combine our creative talents with our real-world experience and practical outlook to provide you with the site development concepts you need to make your project successful.

Our Concept Planning Team:

Robert L. Berry, III, P.E. #9254
Owner/President                                   view bio   email

Richard W. Dunton, P.E. #12485      view bio    email

Timothy J. Gallant, P.L.S. #2434     view bio   email

Thomas R. Dubois, P.E. #7273         view bio   email

Esther K. Bizier, P.E. #14236             view bio   email

Project Visualization

Main-Land uses the latest AutoCAD Civil 3D™ software to survey, plan, and design your land development project. Using the data accumulated throughout this design process, we have professional staff that can turn 2D plans into a 3D virtual site. Complicated design drawings become easy-to-understand three dimensional representations of buildings, roads and parking lots, stormwater structures, even entire project sites! These can be utilized for client review of designs, planning and permitting presentations, public relations, marketing and more.

Visualization styles include:

  • 2D Presentation Renderings
  • 3D Landscape Images (from any angle)
  • Fly Over Video (aerial views)
  • Drive Through Video (driver point of view)

Our Visualization Team:

Robert L. Berry, III, P.E. #9254
Owner/President                                view bio   email

Richard W. Dunton, P.E. #12485   view bio   email