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Riverweb (Thalheimer)

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Project Type:  Land Planning, Engineering
Project Name:  Riverweb
Client:  Jos Thalheimer
Location:  Avon & Phillips, Maine

Description:   In 2014, Main-Land began natural resource and soils mapping and land use planning for the project that would eventually blossom into Riverweb. In addition to the typical wetland, stream and soils mapping, the land use planning process also involved searching the parcels for unique natural features and resources, analyzing the geologic history of the property, creating projections for the future path of the Sandy River, developing an overview of the Sandy River Valley, researching the historical use of the properties and research into farm and agricultural operations. The culmination of this research and data gathering process, completed by Main-Land and other consultants, resulted in land use and concept plans to help our client grow his vision into Riverweb, a systems based sustainable farm committed to growing the best food with the least amount of impact to the land.

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